|| A B O U T ||

As I live day in and day out it’s creating a desire in me to know the deeper things that are unseen but everyone knows they exist. I’ve come to know the deep and heavy realization that there is a God who so completely loves me and he will never stop fighting for me and chasing after my whole heart, even when I don’t want him to. He sees what I can’t, I’m a part of his redemption story. We are creatures, created to know our God and to be known by Him and to make him known to others. I wonder if there is a reality that few of us see, a reality as real as ours now, but yet very few know the true existence of it. I want to know the truth of what we’re all doing here on this earth, I want to know the spiritual realm of heaven on earth. I want to know what’s truly going on through God’s eyes.

WHAT A WONDER TO KNOW THE WAYS OF GOD! Hop on board, let’s do this.

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